USS Missouri BB-63 3D Metal Model Puzzle/Kit by Piececool

$ 29.99


This is not a toy, it is a 3D display model puzzle/kit recommended for 14 and older.

This 3D metal puzzle is labeled as difficulty level 6 out of 7.

This model needs assembly. The pieces come in sheets and each piece needs to be cut out from the sheet and then bend and lock into place with other pieces. No glue is needed.

The pieces are high quality stainless steel.

The finish product measures:

- Length: 12”

- Width: 1.25”

- Height: 2.9”

The Scale of this model is about: 1/883 Scale


Although you don’t need any special tools to build our kits, the process can be faster and more enjoyable with a few simple tools.

  • Clippers or side cutters to separate the parts from the metal sheets

  • Needle nose pliers to grip, bend and twist components

  • Tweezers to hold small parts

  • Cylindrical items to help bend and shape curved parts. You might already have suitable items, but if not, look at the Piececool Auxiliary Tool Set, which contains 6 parts specifically sized to help build our metal model kits.

  • A cutting mat to protect your work surface from scratches