The Volkswagen T1 Bus April 16 2015

Maybe I am getting old (I am in the first half of my 40s) but suddenly after holding this model on my hand, I now have fallen in love with the Volkswagen T1 Bus.

As I grew up in Honduras, I remember that when I was 6 or 7 years old, these buses (VW T1) were used for public transportation. I particularly remember once sitting in front with my brother and after seeing and thinking about the split windshield I told my brother "It's like we are inside an airplane". Somehow, I saw a similarity between the T1's split windshield and the 737's windshield.

I also remember riding a cargo version of this, the white one with sliding door. Inside was totally empty. I loved riding that thing because I always imagine myself inside a DC-3 as a paratrooper and jumping out every time we had to get off the thing. Of course, kids would bounce all around that thing without any safety belts or seats. It's amazing the things one could get away with back then.

Now, I want one of these things.