Growing up October 05 2014

As kids we were asked many times what we wanted to do when we grew up. I never knew what to say. Even in college while studying Mechanical Engineering I did not know what I wanted to be when I grew up. As I matured I realized that I really wanted to be a writer, but one thing is to be a writer and another one is to be a famous writer, or at least one that can make a living out of it. Did I really wanted to be a writer or was it that I wanted to be famous? Maybe I should have said I wanted to be a famous writer.


As I mature (even more) I see that sometimes I forget what I like, work and family fill your life and from doing one thing after another we stop doing things we like and forget enjoying our hobbies. Ever since the 4th grade when I had my first memorable trip to Hong Kong and flew the PanAm 747SP from New York to Tokyo I have had a love and passion for airplanes. It was natural that that passion would find its way to toys and models and all kids of publications and videos.


So now once again, I ask myself, "What do I want to do when I grow up?". Well, the answer is simple: I want to make a living working in something related to my passion. There is no better excuse to spend the money, surround myself with toys and models, to work on them than to "have to" do it for "work".


Will this change things for me? Will my passion stop being my passion and become my work? Will I no longer enjoy models/toys and airplanes? Will I be able to make money out of it? I am not sure, but I am thinking that I will soon find out. Regardless, this is something that I have to try or else it will be one of those things I will regret.


I do not know the future, but I do know me; and I know that the regret of not knowing how something might have turned out, will bug me more than the regret of losing money, time and effort at trying out something.


“But what would have been the good?"
Aslan said nothing.
"You mean," said Lucy rather faintly, "that it would have turned out all right – somehow? But how? Please, Aslan! Am I not to know?"
"To know what would have happened, child?" said Aslan. "No. Nobody is ever told that."
"Oh dear," said Lucy.
"But anyone can find out what will happen," said Aslan. "
If you go back to the others now, and wake them up; and tell them you have seen me again; and that you must all get up at once and follow me – what will happen? There is only one way of finding out.”

--- Prince Caspian (The Chronicles of Narnia)