About Us

Pang’s Models and Hobbies (PMH) is a company that was started by the desire to spread and share the interest and appreciation of scale modeling. We started the company because it was not enough to keep a large personal collection; we also wanted to participate in the industry. We felt that very often the stores and online dealers of the models/toys, simply took a snap shot of the boxes and did not provide enough information and photos about the them. Moreover, it seemed that there was a lack of space/forums for new hobbyist to find models of different levels of difficulty and pricing.


A hobby like scale modeling can get pretty intimidating for beginners. It can give the impression of being expensive in terms of tools and supplies; it can also give the impression of being too “nerdy” where one would needs to know also specs and data; say engine type, weight, historical background, movies and series where models were featured, etc and these could easily distract from the plain pleasure of putting pieces together to build an model, to paint and detail it, and if desired, (gasp) to play with it.


Call them toys or call them models; display them or play with them; but please enjoy them. That is their purpose.


PMH is a new business, we are a small company, and we appreciate each and every single order and customer.