A Terrible Way to Check Out (Raining bullets) October 28 2015

A Terrible Way to Check Out (Raining bullets)

When I was a kid a remember watching the movie "The Green Berets" with John Wayne. There is a scene where all hell is breaking lose and the good guys call air support. Just like that a C-47 (DC-3) show up with miniguns (the type that rotates) and basically rains bullets on the bad guys. Needless to say that it made a big impression on me.

I can not help bu think "What a terrible way to go" whenever I see something like this.

Lockheed AC-130 (C-130 Gunship) Spectre 1/200 Scale Diecast Metal Model by Amercom

YET.....This is my favorite mission on Call of Duty Modern Warfare.