The Gift for the Son (What a great mom) September 19 2015

So yesterday I got an interesting email from a mother it read:

"Thank you for the Beetle, it is beautiful. It is for my son's birthday and he will love it."

Volkswagen (VW) Beetle 1/24 Diecast Metal Model by Welly

Appreciative of the note I was a bit concerned with the son's age and emailed her back with:

"Thanks for sharing the details about your son's birthday. Just keep in mind that these are really not toys, but models. They are made to be realistic and for this, their little parts like mirrors, bumper, headlights and even the paint finish are very fragile. But I am sure you son will take great care of the model."

A few minutes after I do get a reply with:

"Roberto, my son is 59. He had one exactly like the model when he was a teenager."

Amused I just had to reply:

"Well, I guess he won't be taking it to the sandbox anytime soon (or who knows)".

That's that. Just wanted to share.