Today's Heroes and Celebrities July 03 2015

So last night I was watching a documentary called "First Man on the Moon" in PBS and it was mainly about the life of Neil Armstrong.

As Neil Armstrong and his crew came back from the Moon, they were celebrities touring the world (I think they mentioned 20+ countries in 40+ days) and they mentioned how taxing it was for them and how invasive of their privacy it became. That even with the best intentions and nicest people approaching them for words, photos or autographs; it was still taxing on them.

Then came the part of the program where it showed Neil Armstrong buying a farm and becoming a college professor and serving in many boards and what not.

As taxing and invasive the public attention was, I have to say that the world at that time really knew how to choose their celebrities. This guy, along with the rest of the astronauts and their families did have merit to be celebrities.

Who were these guys? Engineers, war veterans, astronauts and professors.

And yet, who do we have in our magazines and heading our TV shows?


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