USS Gato SS-212 - Gato Class Submarine - US NAVY 1/240 Scale Plastic Model Kit - ASSEMBLY REQUIRED

$ 26.99




This is a model kit that requires assembly, (optional) painting and application of decals.

Assembled model dimensions:

- Length: 15.5"  

- Beam/width: 1.25"

No glue or paints are included with the model. 

The color of the plastic parts is dark grey.

A display stand is included.

Water decals are included. Optional names include:

- USS Gato, Sea Tiger, Drum, Cod, Croaker, Cobia, Sliversides, Cavalla, Bars

Assembly and painting guide in English is included

Recommended for 15 years and older.

We ship in boxes, never in envelopes. The box and model will be in new condition and parts will be sealed.

USS Gato (SS-212) was the lead ship of her class of submarine in the United States Navy. She was the first Navy ship named for the common name used for a number of species of catshark. She was commissioned only days after the declaration of war and made thirteen combat patrols during World War II. She survived the war and spent the post-war period as a training ship before being sold for scrapping in 1960.

The Gato class of submarines were built for the United States Navy and launched in 1941–1943. Named after the lead ship of the class, USS Gato, they were the first mass-production U.S. submarine class of World War II.
The Gatos, along with the closely related Balao and Tench classes that followed, accounted for most of the Navy's World War II submarines; they destroyed much of the Japanese merchant marine and a large portion of the Imperial Japanese Navy. In some references, the Gatos are combined with their successors, especially the Balao class.