Space Shuttle Adventure Kit by NewRay - Assembly Required

$ 12.99

The Space Adventure Collection from NewRay consists of four different kits: 

- Space Shuttle (which includes the Hubble telescope)

- Space Station

- Saturn V Rocket

- Lunar Rover (which includes the lunar landing module and capsule)


This collection has no specific scale; rather they seem to be built to fit a particular box size. In this case, the Space Shuttle measures about 8.5 inches in length with a wing span of about 5 inches. They are not your typical building kit where one needs to cut pieces out of runners/trees, but instead they come as disassembled toys where one needs to attach the engines, wings and fuselage, etc. All of these kits come with an astronaut figurine, but such figurine is not to scale (unless it were a giant astronaut).


No glue or paints are needed; these models look great straight out of the box. The Space Shuttle is held together by tiny screws which are included along with the needed screw driver. Markings and different color trims are present in some models and accurately done. A stand is included where the model can be mounted.


The Space Shuttle kit includes a telescope/satellite which can be attached to the Space Shuttle's arm inside the cargo bay for some interesting display, however, the telescope/satellite does not fit inside the cargo bay. As with other NewRay aircraft models, the Space Shuttle has a landing gear that can be retracted or extended.


Whether you want to display them or play with them, they will be enjoyable either way.


The box measures 10 inches by 7 inches by 1.5 inches.