Robotech / Macross Transformable Veritech Fighter (VF-1S Roy Fokker) 1/100 Scale Model by Toynami

$ 39.99

1/100 Scale Model Veritech Fighter from Robotech/Macross VF-1S (Roy Fokker)
- In Robot Mode it stand about 6 inches tall.
- In Fighter Mode it is 7 inches long and 6 inches in wingspan
- In Battloid Mode it stand about 3 inches high and a 6 inch wingspan
This is certainly not a toy, it is a collectible model that can transform into 3 different modes. It comes with a number of accessories:
- A stand for display (and a height extension)
- 3 different attachments for display (one for each mode)
- An clear canopy to use in Fighter and Battloid mode
- 1 extra set of hands (right hand to hold the gun and left hand open)
- 4 pylons of 3 missiles each
- 4 pylons of 4 rockets each
- Landing gear pieces

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