Northrop YF-23 f-23 Blackwidow II 1/72 Scale Model by NewRay

$ 29.99


1/72 scale, approximate 9.25 inches in lengths and 5.75 inches of wingspan. 

The NewRay Pilot model kits are model kits that do not need glue. The kits are different from the typical model kits with runners where one would cut away the parts and glue them together. These models come as disassembled toys/models. The major assemblies are kept together by screws; usually 4 to 6 are enough. Some minor parts such as the vertical stabilizer (vertical fin) are snap fit. They are pre-painted so they are ready to be displayed or played with right after assembly, which would usually take about 5 to 7 minutes. However, with a little bit of paint/permanent marker, one can greatly enhance the look of these models. All in all it would be a great gift to an 8 year old or a "low cost practice platform" for model builders trying to improve their painting/weathering/detailing techniques.

  • Highly detailed. Good entry point for hobby modeling
  • Accurate paint scheme and markings. High quality plastic
  • Assembly uses screws. Screws and screwdriver included. Easy Assembly
  • No glue or paints required. Ready for display or play after assembly
  • Package measures: 10 inches x 7 inches x 1.5 inches
  • Retractable landing gear


The Northrop/McDonnell Douglas YF-23 was an American single-seat, twin-engine fighter aircrafttechnology demonstrator designed for the United States Air Force (USAF). The design was a finalist in the USAF's Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) competition, battling the Lockheed YF-22 for a production contract.



The YF-23 was an unconventional-looking aircraft, with diamond-shaped wings, a profile with substantial area-rulingto reduce drag at trans-sonic speeds, and an all-moving V-tail. The cockpit was placed high, near the nose of the aircraft for good visibility for the pilot. The aircraft featured a tricycle landing gear configuration with a nose landing gear leg and two main landing gear legs. The weapons bay was placed on the underside of the fuselage between the nose and main landing gear.[20] The cockpit has a center stick and side throttle.[21]