M3 Lee Medium Tank - US ARMY - 1/32 Scale Plastic Model (Kit, assembly required) by NewRay

$ 34.99


This M3 Lee tank model measures about 7 inches in length with a width of about 3 inches and 3.35 inches high (from the ground to the top of the turret). They are not your typical building kit where one needs to cut pieces out of runners/trees, but instead they come as disassembled toys where one needs to attach the parts with screws (screws and screw driver are included). This is a plastic model. No metal parts are present.

The turret can rotate 360 degrees and the machine gun at the top of the turret can move a few degrees along the vertical and horizontal axis. The main gun's movement is only of a few degrees up and down. The tracks are made of rubber and very nicely detailed. 

The box measures 10 inches by 7 inches by 1.5 inches.