Kenworth W900 American Flag and Eagle Trailer Truck 1/43 Scale Model by NewRay

$ 18.99

 The cab measures approximately 7.75” long from bumper to splash guard, 2.25” wide and 3.5” high from ground to top of the exhaust pipe.

 The Trailer measures approximately  11” long x 2.25” wide x 3.75” high.

 The cab is diecast metal and the extended cab is made of plastic. The details are plastic with chrome finish. The container is plastic. Together the cab and trailer measure 17” long.

These models come in a window box.

This makes a nice display, from the photos you can see that it is as nice/detailed as the larger 1/32 scale model. The only difference is that smaller scale model takes less space to display.

Please keep in mind that these are really not toys. They are very fragile and will not last if played with regularly.

The W900 is a Kenworth Class 8 truck model, known for its long-nose style. Even as more aerodynamic models such as the T600 and succeeding versions have been introduced for fleet use, the stylish W900 remains in production due to its particular popularity with owner-operators. The W900 was a gradual introduction, retaining many features of its predecessors which also continued to be sold alongside it in the early 1960s.

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