Indian Motorcycles Set of 12 different 1/32 Scale Diecast Models by NewRay

$ 74.99

At 1/32 Scale each model is quite small, not because of the scale itself but because of the object itself.  Motorcycles are simply not that big.


 The good thing of a small model however, is that they are not that expensive and they take up less space, which for this particular collection is quite fitting. One could display a number of models within a few square inches.


 Each model comes attached (screwed) to a platform that is 4 inches by 2 inches. The model could be unattached from its base and be made to stand on its own kick stand, but the base does give the model extra support and the particular model info (model name and year) is printed in the platform.


 The model itself is made of diecast metal with plastic parts such as the seat, wheels and minor details. The coloring and detail are very impressive for such a small model. One can see the little branding, engines, vents, logos and license plates as well a stop and signal lights.


 The models measure approximately 2.5 inches long, .75 inches wide and 1.5 inches high (from the ground to the top of the head light or wind shield.


 Each model comes in an individual window box that measures 4.5 inches long 2.25 inches wide and 2.5 inches high.


The NewRay Indian Motorcycle collection at 1/32 consists of 12 pieces: 


  1. 1906 Camel Back Single
  2. 1908 Twin Racer
  3. 1912 V-2
  4. 1914 Single Board-Track Racer
  5. 1929 Scout-Racer
  6. 1933 Scout
  7. 1937 Junior Scout
  8. 1939 Indian Four
  9. 1940 Scout Board Track Racer
  10. 1945 Chief
  11. 1947 Chief
  12. 1947 Sport Scout Bobber

Indian is an American brand of motorcycles[1][2] originally produced from 1901 to 1953 in Springfield, Massachusetts, US. Hendee Manufacturing Company initially produced the motorcycles but the name was changed to The Indian Motocycle Manufacturing Company [sic][1][2] in 1928.

The Indian factory team took the first three places in the 1911 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. During the 1910s Indian became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. Indian's most popular models were the Scout, made from 1920 to 1946, and the Chief, made from 1922 to 1953.

The Indian Motocycle Manufacturing Company went bankrupt in 1953. Various organizations tried to perpetuate the Indian Brand name in subsequent years, with limited success. In 2011 Polaris Industries purchased Indian Motorcycles and moved operations from North Carolina and merged them into their existing facilities in Minnesota and Iowa. Since August 2013, Polaris have marketed three modern Indian motorcycles that reflect Indian's traditional styling.