Hatsukari KiHa 81 - Japan 1960 - JNR - Train Locomotive - 1/160 N Scale Diecast Metal Model by Amercom

$ 16.99

1:160 Scale – Hatsukari KiHa 81 - Japan 1960 - JNR -  Length: 5",  Width: 0.75”, Height: 1"

This model is made of a combination of metal and plastic parts. It is a static model and does not move at all or has moving parts. The model comes attached (via tiny screws) to a plastic base that measures 8.25 inches long by 1.5 inches wide. The base is made to look like rail tracks and it has a sticker sign noting the country, type and year of the model depicted.

The coloring and markings are accurate and realistic.

The maker of the model really did a good job with the model, the panel lines and details are very clear and crisp. These models have different details engraved such as doors, hatches, panels, lights, ports, antennas, ropes, shovels, etc; all of these done with high accuracy and proportion. When they are painted in different color, say for example, shovels and ropes, they are indeed painted accurately.

These models come in what could be described as a disposable plastic shell pack. The packaging is very minimum, it is just big enough to enclose the vehicle and the cardboard backing to which the shell is attached is barely bigger than the lengths and width dimension of the vehicle.

The Hatsukari and Super Hatsukari were limited express train services in Japan operated by Japanese National Railways (JNR) and later East Japan Railway Company (JR East) from 1958 until 2002.

The Hatsukari was first introduced on 1 October 1958 as a long-distance steam-hauled limited express service operating between Ueno in Tokyo and Aomori via the Jōban Line. From 1960, new KiHa 81 series diesel multiple units were introduced on the service, reducing the journey time to 10 hours 25 minutes. From 1 October 1968, the train was routed via the more direct Tōhoku Main Line using 583 series electric multiple units.