F-8 F-8E Crusader US NAVY - MARINES 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit (Assembly Required) by Hasegawa

$ 22.99



This is a model kit that requires assembly, (optional) painting and application of decals. 

No glue or paints are included with the model. 

The color of the plastic parts is light grey.

Water decals are included. There are three options for decals.

- VF-162 "Hunters", US NAVY

- VFM(AW)-312 "Checkerboards" USMC

- French Navy Flottille 12F (VF-12)

Assembly and painting guide in English is included.

Assembled model dimensions:

- Length: 9.25"

- Wingspan: 5.5"

Recommended for 15 years and older.

We ship in boxes, never in envelopes. The box and model will be in new condition and parts will be sealed.

The Vought F-8 Crusader (originally F8U) is a single-engine, supersonic, carrier-based air superiority jet aircraft designed and produced by the American aircraft manufacturer Vought. It was the last American fighter that had guns as the primary weapon, earning it the title "The Last of the Gunfighters".

Development of the F-8 commenced after release of the requirement for a new fighter by the United States Navy in September 1952. Vought's design team, led by John Russell Clark, produced the V-383, a relatively unorthodox fighter that possessed an innovative high-mounted variable-incidence wing, an area-ruled fuselage, all-moving stabilators, dog-tooth notching at the wing folds for improved yaw stability, and liberal use of titanium throughout the airframe. During June 1953, Vought received an initial order to produce three XF8U-1 prototypes of its design. On 25 March 1955, the first prototype performed its maiden flight. Flight testing proved the aircraft to be relatively problem-free. On 21 August 1956, U.S. Navy pilot R.W. Windsor attained a top speed of 1,015 mph; in doing so, the F-8 became the first jet fighter in American service to reach 1,000 mph.