CAT M318D Wheel Excavator HO Scale (1/87) - Diecast Model - Diecast Masters

$ 39.99

This piece is a small scale HO Scale or 1/87 Scale model. It measures about 4 inches long from the back blade to the front of the scoop. It measures about 1.25 inches wide; so this is a very small model that fits on the palm of your hand.
There is articulation on the front arm and scoop. There is also some movement on the back blade. The upper body can rotate 360 degrees. As you move each articulation the pins (pistons/cylinders) also move accordingly just like on the real thing.
THIS IS NOT A TOY. It is very small and fragile. It is made mainly for display purposes.

 The model comes in a beautiful multicolored metal can. The can is a much collectors' item as the model itself. 

 The can measures 6.25 inches long, 2.75 inches wide and 3.75 inches high.