CAT D9T Track Type Tractor - Bulldozer HO Scale (1/87) - Diecast Model - Diecast Masters

$ 39.99

This piece is a small scale HO Scale or 1/87 Scale model. It measures about 4 inches long from the back shank rippers to the front of the blade.  From track to track it measures about 1.25 inches wide; so this is a very small model that fits on the palm of your hand.
There is articulation on the front arms and blade. As you move each articulation the pins (pistons/cylinders) also move accordingly just like on the real thing.
THIS IS NOT A TOY. It is very small and fragile. It is made mainly for display purposes.

The model comes in a beautiful multicolored metal can. The can is a much collectors' item as the model itself. 

The can measures 6.25 inches long, 2.75 inches wide and 3.75 inches high.