CAT 777 Dump Truck 1/98 Scale Diecast Metal Model by Toy State

$ 14.99


This posting is only for the item listed in the title, the CAT 777G Dump Truck.

The CAT 777G Dump Truck model measures 3.5" long from the end of the bed to the front of the track. At its widest point at the top of the bed the width is 2". The wheels are made of rubber and rotate freely. The bed has articulation and can hold the "up" position.

This piece is part of a collection called Earth Movers which is made of 4 pieces. 

The pieces are (mentioned here for reference purposes):

  1. 320 E Excavator in 1/90 scale
  2. D7E Buldozer in 1/83 scale
  3. 980K Wheel Loader in 1/94 scale
  4. 777G Dump Truck in 1/98 scale


These models are quite small and are not suitable for young children (younger than 3 years old) due to choking hazard. These are really not toys and they come attached to the base by a tiny screw. The package recommends ages 8+.


These models are not made in a common scale. They are made to fit within the base which measures 5” x 2.5”. The base is made of hard cardboard which folds into a base .5" think. The base has the model's info and a stone pattern printed on it. The model is attached to the base by a tiny screw. The model can be separated from the base.

The model comes packaged in a blister pack.


The Caterpillar 777 is a 100 ton dump truck, typically used in open pit mining, manufactured by Caterpillar Inc