CAT 315CL Excavator Diecast Metal Construction Mini's Model by Norscot

$ 9.99

The Norscot Construction Mini’s is a collection of 7 pieces. Each one comes in a 3 inch long x 1.75 inch wide x 1.75 high display case. The pieces are mode of diecast metal and plastic pieces. They have movable parts.


These models are quite small and are not suitable for young children (younger than 3 years old) due to choking hazard. These are really not toys and they come attached to the base by a tiny screw.


These models are not made in a particular scale. No specific scale is noted in the boxes or models. They are made to fit within the 3” x 1.75” x 1.75” display case.

 This posting is only for the item listed in the title. 

For reference, the collection of 7 pieces consists of:

  1. 272C Skid Steer Loader
  2. 315CL Excavator
  3. 420E Backhoe Loader
  4. 793D Mining Truck
  5. 906 Wheel Loader
  6. D5G XL Track-Type Tractor
  7. D7E Track-Type Tractor