Boeing 777 (777-300) China Southern 1/200 Scale Model by Sky Marks

$ 79.99


1:200 Scale  Plastic Snap-Fit – Boeing 777-300 – Length:14.30"  Wingspan: 13"

This Sky Marks 777-300 has great details, from the wing panels to the color and markings on the fuselage and engines. All is where it is supposed to be. The model is made of plastic and the fuselage is solid. Basic assembly is required by attaching the wings to the fuselage and the engines to the wings.


This model version does come with a stand and can be attached to it displaying the airplane as in take off or landing. The model will look good resting on its landing gear or on the stand. Attaching it to the stand will actually make the landing gear more visible. This model does not include the parts to give it an appearance of flight (with the landing gear inside)


The landing gear already comes attached to the wings The landing gear itself is beautiful, from the photos you can see that they depict the real deal with all its parts and robustness. However, as robust and sturdy as the landing gear appears to be, remember that at the end they are tiny plastic pieces that can't take much stress (without breaking or bending) because of their size, they are indeed very fragile (and therefore the age recommendation of 14 rather than the usual 8 from other models). Even when indulging in role playing landings and take offs (we all do it, don't pretend you don't) one has to be very delicate with this model.


All in all the Sky Marks line of models is very high quality, the materials and details are very impressive.


Things to notice in this line:

- Accurate landing gear

- Smooth rolling wheels on the landing gear (be sure to place it in a flat surface)

- Rubber tires and metallic looking wheels

- Pivoting landing gear

- Accurate (more or less) shaped fan blades inside the engines

- The fan blades inside the engines CAN ROTATE (if you blow onto the turbines/engines, the fan blades will turn)

The packaging is also very good. All the parts have their own space in several plastic shells that are stacked on top or inside one another and are fitted into the box.  

Please note that this is a collector model and is not recommended for children under 14.