Blohm & Voss BV-222 Wiking (Viking) 1/200 Scale Diecast Metal Model by Amercom

$ 34.99


1:200 Scale Diecast Metal - BV 222 Wiking (Viking) Length: 7"  Wingspan: 9”


This Viking model has no landing gear, so it needs to be displayed on the display stand, otherwise it would tip to one side if left resting on its belly. A display stand with information about the particular model is included.


This is really a "no-play" model or a "display-only" model. It is mostly metal and very heavy. It also has a number of antennas which look great but are very fragile. If you have small kids that like to play with your models, save yourself some frustration (and money) and wait till later to get a model like this one. The box is labeled as not suitable for children under 14.


The maker of this model, Amercom, did a good job with this model, specifically the color scheme and the markings are very crisp and clear. The panel lines and hatches are very nicely done (engraved). 


The pack measures 10 inches by 10 inches by 3.25 inches.

The Blohm & Voss BV 222 Wiking (German: "Viking") was a large, six-engined German flying boatof World War II. Originally designed as a commercial transport, and produced in only limited quantities, it was both the largest flying boat and largest sea-based German aircraft to achieve operational status during the war.