5 Inch New York EMS White Ambulance Model by Kinsfun

$ 9.99


This is a New York ambulance model made my Kinsfun. Kinsfun, does not specify the scale but it measures 5 inches long by about 1.75 inches wide by about 2.5 inches high.


The model has very nice details such as separate clear plastic headlights and flashing lights.The cab is made of metal while everything else is made of plastic. The front and back doors can open to reveal interior details.
The wheels are free rolling and made of rubber. Moreover the back wheels have pull back action, which means that it will wind up when you pull it back and it will roll if you let it go. The rolling motion is very smooth so be mindful of where you display it (or chuck the wheels).

The detail and accuracy of the model is very impressive. These models don't sacrifice on detail or quality to size. These are very realistic models.


These models do not have individual boxes. They will be expertly packed and shipped.