World War II Fighter Diecast Metal Collection (12 Airplanes) by NewRay

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The WWII Fighter Collection consists of 12 airplanes. They are the same size, they are not built to a particular scale but rather they are made to fit a certain volume. The planes are in different scales but each one of them is made to fit a 3 inch by 3 inch by 2.75 inch volume. Each one of the models is attached to a stand which in turn is attached to a base. The base has the particular model's info (scale and type of airplane). A transparent acrylic cube can enclose the base. Moreover, each cube comes packaged inside a window cardboard box.


The models are made of die cast metal, they are pre-painted in different color and have accurate paint schemes and markings. Each plane measures approximately 2.5 inches long and a wingspan of 3 inches.


These models are really only for display (not playing) as they are screwed to the stand and base.

The collection includes:

  1. A6M5 Zero (1/60 Scale)
  1. Bf-109 (1/150 Scale)
  1. Dewoitine D.520 (1/150 Scale)
  1. F-4U Corsair (1/190 Scale)
  1. F6F-3 Hellcat (1/190 Scale)
  1. Hawker Typhoon Mk. 1B (180 Scale)
  1. Mig-3 (1/140 Scale)
  1. P-38 Lightning (1/200 Scale)
  1. P-40 Warhawk (1/160 Scale)
  1. P-47D Thunderbolt (1/200 Scale)
  1. P-51 Mustang (1/160 Scale)
  1. Spitfire Mk. VII (1/160 Scale)

Recommended for 8 and older


Second World War, Word War Two, WWII

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