Type-90 Main Battle Tank - Japan 1/72 Scale Die-cast Model by Eaglemoss

$ 14.99

1:72 Scale Metal Diecast – Type 90 (Type-90) Main Battle Tank - Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF)  -  Length: 6.5" (from end of vehicle to tip of the main gun)   Width: 2.25”


This Type-90 tank model depicts a tank from JGSDF Fuji School Brigade and the 7th Armored Division based in Hokkaido. The main body is made of metal while the turret is made of plastic. The turret can rotate all 360 degrees. The tracks are made of rubber and are fitted, however they do not move. The coloring and markings are accurate and realistic.

 The maker of the model, Eaglemoss, really did a good job with the model, the panel lines and details are very clear and crisp. These models have different details engraved such as doors, hatches, panels, lights, ports, antennas, machine guns, ropes, shovels, etc; all of these done with high accuracy and proportion.

 These models come in what could be described as a disposable blister pack. The packaging is very minimum, the blister back is just big enough to enclose the vehicle and the cardboard backing to which the blister is attached is barely bigger than the lengths and width dimension of the vehicle.

 Although these models are inexpensive and just about the size of a (regular) computer mouse, they are certainly not toys. The tracks don't move and the turrets and their main guns and machine guns can be quite fragile because of their size. They will not survive a test drive at the sandbox.

The Type 90 tank (90式戦車 Kyū-maru-shiki-sensha?) is the main battle tank (MBT) of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) as of 2014. It was designed and built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as a replacement for all deployed Type 61 and Type 74 tanks, and entered service in 1990. It is to be superseded by the Type 10 tank.

With the exception of the 120 mm smoothbore gun, which is made under licence from Rheinmetall of Germany, the Type 90 and its subsystems are all designed and built in Japan, leading to higher per unit costs for comparable models from NATO countries such as the M1 Abrams and the Challenger 2