Su-35 (Su-27 Flanker) Russian Knights 1/72 Scale Diecast Model by DeAgostini

$ 29.99

1:72 Scale  Metal Diecast – Sukhoi Su-35 (Su-27 Super Flanker) Russian Knights Aerobatic Team – Length: 12.25"  Wingspan: 8.5”




This Su-35 model is a single seat plane, the cockpit is permanently closed and there are no pilot figure. The landing gear is optional, one can attach the landing gear or cover the wheel wells. There is a basic plastic stand included




This model has some weapons/accessories already attached to the wings and fuselage. It has 5 pairs of missiles attached to the wings and fuselage. 


The maker of the model, DeAgostini, really did a good job with the model, the panel lines and details are very crisp and one can see the little dots that represent the rivets holding down the panels.




The packaging is quite basic, the model comes packed between two transparent plastic clam shells and these are attach to a cardboard background. The clam shells are quite strong and keep the model safe for shipping.


This is really a "no-play" model or a "display-only" model. It is mostly metal and very heavy. It also has a number of antennas which look great but are very fragile. If you have small kids that like to play with your models, save yourself some frustration (and money) and wait till later to get a model like this one. The box is labeled as not suitable for children under 14.




The package measures 13" x 13" x 4"

The Sukhoi Su-35 (RussianСухой Су-35; NATO reporting nameFlanker-E[N 1]) is a designation for two separate, heavily upgraded derivatives of the Su-27 'Flanker' jet plane. They are single-seat, twin-enginesupermaneuverable multirole fighters, designed by Sukhoi and built by Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (KnAAPO).

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