Star Trek Deep Space Nine (DS9) Space Station Diecast Metal Model by Eaglemoss - Special Issue

$ 54.99

Eaglemoss Star Trek Deep Spance Nine Space Station- DS9 - Diecast Metal Model 

The diecast metal model of the Deep Space Nine Space Station has a diameter of 6 inches and is 4 inches high. The model is made entirely of diecast metal. Throughout the model there are details such as sections, grid lines, windows/hatches, etc that are embossed onto the surface; this together with different color (silver, grey) highlights gives the model a very realistic and accurate look.

 This model is twice the size of regular Eaglemoss Star Trek models. It comes enclosed between two styrofoam inserts which in turn are inside a box that measures 7 inches by 7 inches by 5.5 inches. 

A magazine is included with the model. Each magazine is about the particular model (design, history, schematics, specifications, trivia, etc) and measures about 11 x 8 inches and has about 18 pages. The printing is very high quality with full colored pages. The covers have a glossy finish and thicker stock. The inside pages are also full colored and of thicker stock (but not as thick as the cover). 

This is not a toy, it is quite fragile and will not survived being played with. The box is labeled as not suitable for children under 14.

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