Star Trek Armored USS Voyager NCC-74656 Model and Magazine #48 by Eaglemoss

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Eaglemoss Star Trek Discast Metal and Plastic Parts Model

This is the armored Voyager that appeared in the very last Star Trek: Voyager episode, Endgame.

The diecast metal and plastic parts model of the USS Voyager NCC-74656, the one featured in the series Voyager, measures about 5 inches long (from the tip of the saucer to tail. The widest section of the saucer measures 2 inches wide. The single piece that makes up the saucer and the upper main body is made of metal, everything else is made of plastic.

Throughout the model there are details such as sections, grid lines, windows/hatches, etc that are embossed onto the surfaces giving the model a very realistic and accurate look. There are translucent colored plastic inserts in the nacelles that further enhances its details.

A display stand is included. The base is made of metal and the attachable stand is made of transparent plastic which joins the model to the base.

The model comes packaged in a two half plastic clam shell and this comes enclosed  in a cardboard box. The box measures 6.75 inches by 5 inches by 2.

These models are not made to an specific scale. They just seem to be made to fix a certain box size.


A magazine is included with the model. Each magazine is about the particular model (design, history, schematics, specifications, trivia, etc) and measures about 11 x 8 inches and has about 18 pages. The printing is very high quality with full colored pages. The covers have a glossy finish and thicker stock. The inside pages are also full colored and of thicker stock (but not as thick as the cover).

The magazine is in mint condition and will be shipped properly protected to remain like that.

This is not a toy. Although made of metal and of solid construction, it is quite fragile and will not survived being played with. The box is labeled as not suitable for children under 14.

The fictional Intrepid-class starship USS Voyager is the primary setting of the science fictiontelevision series Star Trek: Voyager. It is commanded by Captain Kathryn Janeway

Voyager was launched in 2371. The crew's first orders were to track down a Maquis ship in theBadlands. An alien force called the Caretaker transports both Voyager and the Maquis vessel across 70,000 light-years to the Delta Quadrant, damaging Voyager and killing several crewmembers (including first officer Lt. Cmdr. Cavit, the ship's chief medical officer and the rest of the medical staff, helm officer Stadi, and the chief engineer). To prevent a genocide of theOcampans, Janeway orders the destruction of a device that could transport Voyager and the Maquis vessel home. Stranded, and with the Maquis ship also destroyed, both crews must integrate and work together for the anticipated 75-year journey home.

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