Sonderkraftfahrzeug Sd.Kfz. 8 Special Motorized Vehicle 8 Half Track with 88mm Flak 1/72 Scale Model by PMA

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1:72 Scale Diecast  – Sonderkraftfahrzeug Sd.Kfz. 8 Special Motorized Vehicle 8 Half Track with 88mm Flak Gun - German Army - Length: 4.5" (from back to tip of gun),  Width: 2.5”




This Half Track with 88mm flak gun model is made of plastic parts and a metal base. The gun can rotate all 360 degrees and can elevate. Moreover, the ammo box can be opened and a single shell can be separated and even placed in the gun. The tracks are made of rubber/plastic and are fitted, however they do not move. The coloring and markings are accurate and realistic. There are some color variations at different areas of the model as to denote wear and tear.


The model can be separated into various components. The engine hood, which is made of plastic, can be removed and the engine will be displayed. Similarly, the drivers hood, which is also made of plastic, can be removed and the driver's seat will be displayed. The whole upper body of the truck, which is made of metal, can be separated and this will display the truck's frame, which is made of plastic. Molded in the frame are the engine block, transmission and even fuel tanks. All of these are done in very high detail.


The maker of the model, PMA (Precision Model Art) , really did a good job with the model, the panel lines and details are very clear and crisp. These models have different details engraved such as doors, hatches, panels, lights, ports, antennas, machine guns, ropes, shovels, etc; all of these done with high accuracy and proportion. When they are painted in different color, say for example, shovels and ropes, they are indeed painted accurately. The weathering effect that these tanks have, such as smoke and oil staining makes them look very realistic. Depending on the particular type of tank, some will have machine guns and antennas that look very accurate


These models come enclose two plastic transparent shells and these shells go inside an acrylic plastic cover that serves as a display case. The base of the display case measures 5 inches by 3.5 inches. The acrylic cover measures 5 inches by 3.5 inches by 2.75 inches high. Finally, all come inside a window box.


These models are not toys, they will not last long if played with. The tracks don't move and the turrets and their main guns and machine guns can be quite fragile because of their size. Some of the tanks will have a turret that does not rotate at all. (so if you try to rotate the turret or change the elevation of the gun and feel some resistant, better leave it alone and don't risk breaking something).


The Sonderkraftfahrzeug 8 ("special motorized vehicle 8") was a German half-track that saw widespread use in World War II. Its main roles were as a prime mover for heavy towed guns such as the 21 cm Mörser 18, the 15 cm Kanone 18 and the 10.5 cm FlaK 38. Approximately 4,000 were produced between 1938 and 1945. It was used in every campaign fought by the Germans in World War II, notably the Invasion of Poland, the Battle of France, the Balkans Campaign, the Eastern Front, the North African Campaign, the Battle of Normandy and the Italian Campaign.

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