Mercedes-Benz GLK 1/24 Scale Diecast Metal Model by Rastar

$ 21.99

This model of the GLK Class is about 7 inches long, 3 inches wide and 3 inches high. It is highly detailed, with beautiful body paint and accurate markings. Rastar does very high quality models and this one is not the exception. headlights, taillights and turn signals are made of separate plastic pieces which makes the whole model look very realistic. Moreover, side mirrors are also made of separate pieces. 


Doors can open to reveal a very detailed and accurate interior with some touches of color on parts such as seats, seat belt buckles and even on the instrument panel. The engine compartment can be opened and the engine is nicely represented. Break pads can also be seen through the wheels.


This model comes in a window box which measures 9.5" by 5" by 4.5"


The Mercedes-Benz GLK (codename X204) was a compact luxury crossover SUV that went on sale from the autumn of 2008 after its public debut at the 2008 Beijing Auto Show[3] alongside the competingAudi Q5.

The name GLK is an acronym for Geländewagen Luxus Kompaktklasse,[4] taking its name from largerMercedes-Benz GL-Class, which in turn was named after the G-Wagen or Geländewagen. Thus, the GL is the luxury-oriented version of the G, and GLK is the compact version of the GL. It's successor is now called the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class.

From 2015, with the release of the second generation X205 model, the GLK-Class will be renamed toMercedes-Benz GLC-Class as per the revised nomenclature adopted by the brand. Under this scheme, SUVs use the base name "GL", followed by the model's placement in Mercedes-Benz hierarchy. The "G" is for geländewagen (German for off-road vehicle) and alludes the long-running G-Wagen. This is followed by the letter "L" that acts as a linkage with the letter "C"—the GLC being the SUV equivalent to the C-Class.[5][6]

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