Log Trailer/Hauler 1/32 Scale Model (for 1/32 Scale Truck Cab) by NewRay

$ 24.99

This posting is for a Log Trailer/Hauler only. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE TRUCK on the photos, the truck is there only to illustrate how the trailer would look with its respective truck.
This item actually includes 3 different elements:
- A bracket that goes on the truck
- The trailer that carries the logs
- 3 logs
The trailer model, brackets and logs are made of plastic . The wheels are made of rubber and roll very smoothly (just as the truck wheels). The bracket connects to a truck (not included) by a metal pin, so make sure your truck has that part. The logs would rest between both brackets, however, PLEASE  NOTICE that the actual trailer connects with the truck by a loop (the photo). So your truck would need to have some type of hook for it to mate with the loop. If you do not have that hook, then probably the best way to make the connection would be by using the wire ties (like the ones that secure the model inside of the box).
The log trailer has an adjustable arm; the trailer would measure then about 11 inches at its longest and 7.5 inches at its shortest. The wheel base is 3 inches wide.
The logs 12.5 inches each.
When attached to a truck the whole assembly should measure about 21 inches long, depending on the length of the truck.
The trailer comes in an individual window box which measures 17 inches by  4 inches by 7 inches.
Note that these trailers, like the trucks, are not really toys. They would not survive being played with regularly.

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