Kenworth W900 Log Trailer/Hauler 1/32 Scale Diecast and Plastic Model by Newray

$ 45.99

This Kenworth W900 Log Trailer/Hauler truck measures about 19 inches long from the end of the mud flaps to the front bumper. The log trailer alone measures 17.5 inches and 3 inches wide. The cab alone measures about 10 inches long and 3.25 wide. The height of the cab is 3.5 inches high to the top of the cab and 5.25 inches high to the top of the exhaust pipe. 
The trailer connects with the cab by a plastic hook and look assembly. The truck has the hook and the trailer has the look. Moreover there is a bracket on the truck that holds the logs in place.
The cab itself is made of metal while the lower part of the truck is made of plastic. The trailer and logs are made of plastic. The wheels are made of rubber and they are free rolling.
The truck has a crane mechanism on the read. The arms are made of plastic and they have articulation. The claw also has articulation to open and close but it is not strong enough to lift the log or to keep it suspended.
The truck can pull the tanker along and turn but it is definitely not a toy. These models are made to look realistic and to be displayed, they would not last long if played with as the parts are fragile.
The box measures 24" x 4" x 7"

The W900 is a Kenworth Class 8 truck model, known for its long-nose style. Even as more aerodynamic models such as the T600 and succeeding versions have been introduced for fleet use, the stylish W900 remains in production due to its particular popularity with owner-operators. The W900 was a gradual introduction, retaining many features of its predecessors which also continued to be sold alongside it in the early 1960s.

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