John Deere 764 High Speed Dozer 1/50 Scale Die-cast Metal Model by ERTL

$ 44.99

This piece is sturdy and heavy, made mostly of metal. The four sets of tracks are made of rubber and they can roll. Moreover each track assembly can also pivot.


The model has articulation and this articulation can pivot along the horizontal plane. The pivoting mechanism can be seen at the bottom similar to the real deal (look at the last photo).


At 1/50 scale model measures 6 inches long from the end of the loop at the back to the edge of the spade at the front. From track to track, it measures 2.125 inches wide. From the ground to the top of the cab it measures 2.75 inches. The back half of the vehicle has 4 little panels that can open to reveal interior components, such as controls, engine and radiator/fan.


The spade can be moved up and down and can also pivot side to side. The mechanism is composed of pins and links that can extend and contract


The box is labeled as "14+" so this is certainly not a toy, it is more a display model.


The box measures 7" x 4" x 4"

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