Japanese Navy Carrier Zuiho 1/1100 Scale Diecast Metal Model Ship by Eaglemoss (29)

$ 29.99

1/1100 Scale Light Carrier Zuiho: Length: 7.5", Width: 1.125"


Warships of the World collection from Eaglemoss is a breakthrough for both military and maritime enthusiasts. Each has details and features that even the most discriminating collectors will appreciate:


  • A consistent 1:1100 scale that makes for a stunning display, with each ship visually comparable to all the others in the collection.


  • Heavy-duty metal construction with finely molded plastic detail parts. Miniature aircraft with cranes, detailed guns with blast bags, and a complete superstructure.


  • Textured surfaces that simulate wooden decks, intricate ironwork, chains and cleats.


  • Accurate colors and markings, from anti-fouling paint on the hulls to camouflage patterns, national insignia (including roundels on aircraft), and even runway markings.


  • A removable, customized display stand with the ship's name (in Japanese) and year.


Zuihō (瑞鳳?, "Auspicious Phoenix" or "Fortunate Phoenix") was a light aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Originally laid down as the submarine support ship Takasaki, she was renamed and converted while under construction into an aircraft carrier. The ship was completed during the first year of World War II and participated in many operations. Zuihō played a secondary role in the Battle of Midway in mid-1942 and did not engage any American aircraft or ships during the battle. The ship participated in the Guadalcanal Campaign during the rest of 1942. She was lightly damaged during the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands during this campaign and covered the evacuation of Japanese forces from the island in early 1943 after repairs.

Afterwards, her aircraft were disembarked several times in mid- to late-1943 and used from land bases in a number of battles in the South West PacificZuihō participated in the Philippine Sea and Leyte Gulf battles in mid-1944. In this last battle, Zuihō mainly served as a decoy for the main striking forces and she was finally sunk by American aircraft fulfilling her task. In between engagements, the ship served as a ferry carrier and a training ship.

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