DC-10-30F Cargoitalia Project Runway 1/400 Diecast Metal by Dragon Wings

$ 32.00

This is a die-cast metal model of a DC-10-30F from Cargoitalia. It is part of Project Runway series which includes a cardboard section of runway along with a special stand (apart from the normal black stand from Dragon Wings) that positions the model in a landing or take off position, making the visual effect quite dramatic (as can be seen from the photos). Also included is a little sheet of tiny stickers that can be placed on the runway for added detail.


The model's fuselage is made of die cast metal and the wings, tail and engine are plastic. The landing gear can be position as extended or it can be taken off and the doors put in place to give the appearance that the landing gear is retracted.


This particular livery for Cargoitalia is special because it has so many colors.


Special Notes on the model from the reviewer:
It seems that Dragon Wings might have made a small mistake when deciding to make this airplane model (the DC-10) part of the Project Runway line. I say this because when I used the special stand to give it the appearance of take off/landing the model was not balanced. When attaching the spacial stand as instructed, the model would tip forward. I was able to solve this problem by attaching the stand "backwards" (with the point of the triangle pointing backwards rather than forward) and this was able to balance the airplane on the stand, however the angle was wrong, the airplane's nose was pointing downward. In order to get the photos, I had to fidget with the stand. So be advised that you might have to do some fidgeting too in order to get the desired balance and angle to display the model as taking off/landing. If you just want to display the airplane on the runway, then there is nothing to do.


Cargoitalia S.p.A. was a cargo airline with its head office in the Avioport Logistics Park in Lonate Pozzolo,Province of VareseItaly, near Milan. The airline had its registered office in Milan.[1] It operated all-cargo scheduled and charter services from Italy to the Middle East, the Far East and North America. Its main base was Malpensa Airport.[2]
The model measures 5.5 inches long and about 5 inches of wingspan.

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