Case Construction TV380 Compact Loader 1/16 Scale Die-cast Metal Model by ERTL

$ 59.99

This piece is sturdy, heavy and at a scale of 1/16, unusually LARGE. It weights 3 pounds!


The arms are movable in all the way that the real thing moves, and the scoop can pivot and adjust.


The model measures 9 inches, from the back to the front of the scoop . From track to track, it measures 4.75 inches wide. From the ground to the top of the cab it measures 5.25 inches


The box measures 9" x 6" x 5.75"


With its vertical lift design, there is not much that the CASE TV380 cannot lift or load. This durable machine is designed for the toughest jobs that require high breakout force and high capacity. Easy maintenance is achieved with grouped maintenance points that can be found in one, convenient location. The TV380 uses CEGR technology to not only meet Tier 4 requirements but also meet your needs for productivity, fuel efficiency and uptime.

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