Boeing 767-400 Continental Airlines 1/200 by Flight Miniatures

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1:200 Scale  Plastic Snap-Fit – Boeing 767-400 – Length:12"  Wingspan: 10.5"


The 767-400ER, the first Boeing wide-body jet resulting from two fuselage stretches,[132] entered service with Continental Airlines in 2000.[41] The type features a 21.1-foot (6.43-metre) stretch over the 767-300, for a total length of 201.25 feet (61.3 m).[133] The wingspan is also increased by 14.3 feet (4.36 m) through the addition ofraked wingtips.[56] Other differences include an updated cockpit, redesigned landing gear, and 777-style Signature Interior.[134] Power is provided by uprated Pratt & Whitney PW4000 or General Electric CF6 engines.[56]


The FAA granted approval for the 767-400ER to operate 180-minute ETOPS flights before it entered service.[135]Because its fuel capacity was not increased over preceding models, the 767-400ER has a range of 5,625 nautical miles (10,418 km),[136] less than previous extended-range 767s.[65] Typical routings for the type include London to Tokyo.[136][137] A longer-range version, the 767-400ERX, was offered for sale in 2000 but cancelled a year later,[66]leaving the 767-400ER as the sole version of the largest 767.[57] There is only the -400ER variant, and no -400 variant. The variant's only two airline customers, Continental Airlines (now merged with United Airlines) and Delta Air Lines, received 37 aircraft, with no unfilled orders.[1] All 37 of the 767-400ER were in service as of July 2013.[121] One additional example was produced as a military testbed, and later sold as a VIP transport.[138] The type's closest competitor is the Airbus A330-200.[139]


The box measures 12 inches long by 3 inches high by 1 deep

Please note that this is a collector model and is not recommended for children under 8.

Please note that this is a collector model and is not recommended for children under 8.

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