Boeing 767-300ER Varig Taxiway & Ground Service Vehicle 1/400 Diecast Metal by Dragon Wings

$ 32.00

This Dragon Wings of a Varig Charter 767-300ER is about 5.5 inches long and has a wing span of about 4.75 inches.

 This is a special collection called International Airport and comes with Taxiway and GSE (Ground Service Equipment). The box includes:

  •  A piece of 9.5 inches x 5.5 inches piece of card board that looks like a section of taxiway
  • 3 Support Vehicles
    • One truck with stairs
    • One bus
    • One baggage loader
    • Three lamp posts (not in the photos)
  • A black plastic stand to display the model
  • Wheel well covers to give the model the appearance of in-flight

This is over all a really nice display. On it’s own, the set does not need any more pieces, however, one can buy more pieces of the same collection and get different pieces of taxiway and service vehicles and assemble a whole airport scene.

    The model's fuselage is made of die cast metal and the wings, tail and engine are plastic. The landing gear can be position as extended or it can be taken off and the doors put in place to give the appearance that the landing gear is retracted.
    The box measures 7 x 7 x 2.25 inches.

    Recommended age 14 and over.

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