Boeing 747SP American 1/200 by Flight Miniatures

$ 26.99

1:200 Scale  Plastic Snap-Fit – Boeing 747SP – Length:11.125"  Wingspan: 11.75"

American Airlines operated two Boeing 747SP (Special Performance) aircraft in their fleet—both were purchased from TWA in 1986—and discontinued their use in 1992.

This model represents ship N602AA, which was put into service for American in 1987 and provided the last 747SP passenger service for American on July 20, 1992, from London - Heathrow to New York - John F. Kennedy Int.

The Boeing 747SP shares 90 percent commonality with the 747-100/-200, the most noticeable difference being that the fuselage is 48ft 5in (14.7m) shorter. Other differences include structural changes in the wings, noticeably a simplified single-slotted flap system, and extended horizontal and vertical stabilizers. The reduced size and weight of the 747SP provided for increased range, greater cruising speeds, and reduced fuel consumption.

Please note that this is a collector model and is not recommended for children under 8.

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