Boeing 720B Continental Airfield with Hangar 1/400 Diecast Metal by Dragon Wings

$ 29.99

This Dragon Wings of a Continental 720B is about 4 inches long and has a wing span of about 4 inches.

 This is a special collection called Regional Airport and comes with a section of airfield and front part of a hangar. The box includes:

 -         A piece of 11 inches x 4.25 inches piece of card board that looks like a section of airfield.

 -          The front side of a hanger (some simple assembly required)

  -         A black plastic stand to display the model

  -         The wheel well covers to give the model the appearance of in-flight

The model's fuselage is made of die cast metal and the wings, tail and engine are plastic. The landing gear can be position as extended or it can be taken off and the doors put in place to give the appearance that the landing gear is retracted.

This model comes in a very interesting square tin which then is inside a cardboard sleeve.

The Boeing 720 was a four-engine narrow-body short- to medium-range passenger jet airliner. Developed by Boeing in the late 1950s from the Boeing 707, the 720 has a shorter fuselage and less range. The 720 first flew in November 1959 and the model entered service with launch customer United Airlines in July 1960.

Two primary versions of the aircraft were built. The original 720 with Pratt & Whitney JT3C turbojetengines entered service in 1960, while the improved 720B with Pratt & Whitney JT3D turbofans entered service in 1961. Some 720s were later converted to 720B specification.

Although only 154 were built, the Boeing 720/720B was still profitable due to the low research and development costs of it being a slightly modified version of the 707-120. It was later replaced by theBoeing 727.

Recommended age 14 and over.

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