Bobcat E55 Compact Excavator 1/25 Scale Die-cast Metal Model by Bobcat

$ 59.99

This piece is sturdy and heavy made mostly of metal, it weighs 1 pound. The tracks are made of rubber and can roll. There is some resistant so they won't roll the same way that free wheels would roll.


The arm is movable in all the ways that the real thing moves, it can pivot along the vertical axis and the arm can extend on its two articulations. The shovel/scoop is also adjustable.


This model also has the optional (in the real world) blade attachment at the font and this blade is adjustable up and down and also rotated along the vertical axis.


The whole cab/upper part of the vehicle can rotate 360 degrees.


The model measures 5 inches, from the threads at the back to the front of the blade . From track to track, it measures 3 inches wide. From the ground to the tip of the articulation point (in its "parked" position) is 6.25 inches high.


The box measures 9" x 4" x 5.5"


The Bobcat® E55 is a conventional tail swing compact excavator with exceptional performance, dig depth and dump height. It delivers proven performance through smooth control of the work group, time-saving attachments and fuel-efficient turbocharged diesel engine. With 20 gallons per minute of auxiliary hydraulic flow, you can tackle the most challenging jobs. The E55 shares the comfort, easy maintenance and uptime protection advantages of the entire Bobcat compact excavator lineup.

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