Bell UH-1B Iroquois / Huey Gunship 1/72 Scale Diecast Helicopter Model by Amercom

$ 26.99

 1:72 Scale  Diecast Metal  – Bell UH-1B Huey Gunship Helicopter  – Length: 6.5"  Rotorspan: 7”

 This Huey model does not include pilots/crew figures. The cockpit can not open. A stand where the model can be attached for display is included.  This model is back heavy, so when the model is placed on its own skids it will tip backwards. The display stand has the model's info such as country, flag and scale.

Both rotors can spin freely.

The blades for the main rotor need to be attached. Although they are supposed to be snap/friction fit, it seems that it will be better is a tiny (very tiny) drop of super glue is applied just to keep things secure. The assembly for the rotor and the blades are very fragile, so one needs to be very careful when attaching the blades since it is very easy to bend or break things out of shape.


The maker of the model, Amercom, really did a good job with the model; although Amercom markets the model as diecast metal, the metal content seem to be at a minimum. The panel lines and details are very clear and crisp.What really caught my attention, however, is the way the markings and coloring are done. 


These models come in what could be described as a disposable blister pack (sandwiched between two transparent plastic shells and then glued/attached to a piece of cardboard with the branding info. There is really nothing spectacular about the packaging, but at the end, the packaging is supposed to be disposable and with the sole function protecting the model, which it does very well.


All weapons are already attached to the model. One just needs to open the pack and display it (or play with it).


Keep in mind that these are really not toys, they are models made for collecting and display purposes. Helicopter models will definitely not last long if played with.Moreover, these models are made to look realistic and faithful to the real thing, so little parts like landing gears, skies, weapons, pods and antennas are made from small parts and are very fragile. The packaging is labeled as Not Suitable for children under 14 years old.


The HU-1B was an improved model that was equipped with the Lycoming T53-L-5 engine of 960 shp (720 kW), revised main rotor blades of 44-foot (13 m) diameter and 21-inch (530 mm) chord, 13 inch higher rotor mast and a longer cabin that could accommodate seven passengers.[3][4] This version was redesignated UH-1B in 1962.

Later production UH-1Bs were equipped with Lycoming T53-L-9 and L-11 engines of 1,100 shp (820 kW). Gross weight was 8,500 lb (3,900 kg) and the standard empty weight was 4,513 lb (2,047 kg).[3][4]

Army testing of the "B" model started in November 1960 with first production aircraft arriving in March 1961. A total of 1010 "Bravo" models were delivered to the US Army. First deployment was in November 1963 when eleven were sent to Vietnam to join the "Alpha" models already in use by UTTCO.[3]

One NUH-1B was produced for test purposes.[3]

Bell certified a civil version of the UH-1B incorporating some minor safety improvements, such as improved door locks. 


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