7.75 inch Luxury Bus with Light and Sound Diecast Model

$ 14.99

The Bus model is ABOUT 1/76 scale. The manufacturer does not specify the scale but I compared it to other 1/76 buses and they come very close. What is definite is that it measures 7.75 inches long by about 1.75 inches wide by about 2.5 inches high. 
The model has very nice details such as separate clear plastic headlights, taillights, and mirrors, The coloring is done is high gloss finish with accurate markings and branding.
What makes this model more interesting is that it has two doors that can open and close which are operated by a hidden peg located in the underside. The compartment at the back of the bus can open to display the engine. When the doors slide open the headlights and interior LED LIGHTS will turn on (see photos) and a compressed air activation sound will be played. Moreover, the front wheels are activated when pressed (gently) downward (you will feel the activation "click") and headlights will turn on and engine/honking sounds will be played.
The wheels are free rolling and made of rubber. Moreover the back wheels have pull back action, which means that it will wind up when you pull it back and it will roll if you let it go. The rolling motion is very smooth so be mindful of where you display it (or chuck the wheels).
The detail and accuracy of the model is very impressive. These models don't sacrifice on detail or quality to size. These are very realistic models.
These models come is a big display box. They do not have individual boxes. They will be expertly packed and shipped.


coach (also motor coach, often simply called a bus) is a type of bus used for conveying passengers on excursions and on longer distance intercity bus service between cities—or even between countries. Unlike transit buses designed for shorter journeys, coaches often have a luggage hold that is separate from the passenger cabin and are normally equipped with facilities required for longer trips, including comfortable seats and sometimes a toilet.


The term 'coach' was previously used for a horse-drawn carriage designed for the conveyance of more than onepassenger, the passengers' luggage, and mail, that is covered for protection from the elements. The term was applied torailway carriages in the 19th century, and later to motor coaches (buses).


Sonic Travel, Airport Express Bus.

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